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Aromatherapy Massage Spray Trio

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Aromatherapy Massage Spray Trio

Quick Overview

Massage Spray Trio


Our specially formulated pure essential oil blends are also available in convenient Spray for easy application and on-the-go use! These Spray are made with 100% Pure & Natural Carrier and Essential Oils, and come packaged in 2 oz. amber glass bottles with a spray cap.


Set includes the following Spray:

1. Muscle Ice (Formally Aches & Pains): Ease muscle discomfort with an essential oil blend that is specially formulated to combat poor circulation and burnout following exercise. Ingredients: Grapeseed Carrier Oil, Jojoba Carrier Oil, Coconut Carrier Oil and Muscle Ice (Formally Aches & Pains) Pure Essential Oil Blend.

2. Easy Breathzy (Formally Cold & Flu): Promote better well-being and support the immune system. Ingredients: Grapeseed Carrier Oil, Jojoba Carrier Oil, Coconut Carrier Oil and Easy Breathzy (Formally Cold & Flu) Essential Oil Blend.

3. Lavender: Enjoy the benefits of the world’s most popular essential oil in a convenient Spray! This Spray is formulated with naturally moisturizing carrier oils and pure Lavender essential oil. Ingredients: Grapeseed Carrier Oil, Apricot Carrier Oil, Avocado Carrier Oil, Coconut Carrier Oil and Lavender Pure Essential Oil.


Warning: When used properly, essential oils are generally quite safe and highly beneficial. However, since their uses are still relatively unknown, people can and do hurt themselves by using these highly concentrated botanical substances improperly. Do not use internally and keep out of reach of children. It's best to always consult with a trained, qualified aromatherapy practitioner or your doctor prior to use.



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